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The Basics

Moncton’s Race for Cache is an annual geocaching race that pits teams of geocachers against each other in a race around the greater Moncton area.

Although it’s typically aimed towards geocachers, anyone with a GPS or GPS enabled mobile device is welcome to attend.

Each team of geocachers receives a “clue” at the starting line. That clue provides them a set of GPS coordinates which lead them to another clue, and so on and so on. The clues they search for can be found in a multitude of places. Some are hidden in actual geocache containers which teams then retrieve to move them along their way. Other clues are only provided to them once they have performed a specific task. Previous tasks have included counting lamp posts, finding a particular movie or CD, drinking a special cocktail, riding a go-kart, shooting baskets, having their photo taken with a specific person, and plenty of other fun activities.

Based on the tasks performed, and other requirements, each team is “scored” on how well they did on the race. The specific scoring criteria depends on how quickly they get to the finish line, how many tasks they completed, if they got any bonuses, and many other factors that give them a final score.

The team with the highest score “wins” and is crowned the winner of Moncton’s Race for Cache.

The race starts at 1pm at Bore Park in Moncton. Racers are encouraged to be there early to get their registration packs and hear the race announcements.

If you’re interested in participating, or want to know more, please read the “Rules” section to get the lowdown on what you need to know and have to run in this race.