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The key to winning Moncton’s Race for Cache is about scoring the most points. Crossing the finish line first does not immediately award you the winner’s prize. To claim that, you must accumulate points throughout the race.

Basic Scoring

  • Initial Points – 10,000*
  • Clues Retained (per clue)- 500
  • Photos Requested (per photo) – 250
    • These are task related photos and not “snapshot” photos. Those are discussed later
  • Lifeboat Retention Bonus – 1,000
  • Discovery Bonus – 1,000
  • Instagram/Print Bonus – 5,000***
  • EZ Pass Bonus****

* – All teams start with 10,000 points but for every fifteen minutes they use in the race, 625 points are deducted from their score. That means that if it takes you two hours to finish the race, you would be deducted 5,000 points. This deduction makes your score begin to dip considerably the longer it takes you to finish. If you use up all four hours of the race time, you’ve lost all 10,000 points.

*** – The Instagram bonus replaces the previously used “Print” bonus. Teams who opt to use Instagram to submit their photos on the race will receive an additional 5,000 points. However, if you do not have access to a smartphone to use Instagram, you may print your photos and submit them for the same bonus.

**** – The EZ Pass Bonus is awarded to any team that does not use their EZ Pass to skip a task on the race.

Snapshot Scoring

As an extra incentive to accumulate even more points, teams are enticed to try and get photos taken of very specific items/people. The point value of the photo will vary depending on the difficulty of obtaining said photo. Teams need to determine whether or not it is advantageous to go after lofty photos for the points


Along with the scoring, there are also the possibility of incurring penalties for either failing to perform a task correctly, or breaking the rules. The penalties the can be charged are as follows:

  • Failure of the roadblock – 10% of your final score
  • Intentional race interference – Disqualification from any of the prizes