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Rules & Requirements

Just like any other racing event, Moncton’s Race for Cache has it’s own set of rules and requirements as well. Please be sure to read hem carefully.

Team Requirements

  • All teams must consist of two more people. One member of the team should have a registered name on but it is not required. We welcome newbies as well as seasoned veterans.
    • No teams of one are permitted since it is illegal to operate a handheld GPS device while driving, and it is much safer to have at least two people racing together in case something happens
    • Individuals who do not have a team are welcome to register anyway and they will be added to a team at the starting line.
  • All members of a team must use the same vehicle to travel during the race
    • You cannot do this race on foot
    • Teams cannot be split between multiple vehicles so if you want a lot of people on your team, get a good sized van
  • Children are more than welcome, and encouraged to participate in the race. This is a family friendly event
  • $20 in cash/credit available for task related expenses (per team, not per person)
    • The $20 required does NOT include your team’s registration fee
    • The $20 will be used to pay for various items required at some of your tasks
      • Previous costs have included paying for a small meal, a drink, Crystal Palace tickets, etc
  • A general knowledge of the city of Moncton is advantageous but not a requirement. Racers will be required to travel to all three of the major communities within Greater Moncton.
    • Unless otherwise indicated, you will NOT be traveling outside the city limits so if you think a clue is leading you somewhere outside of Greater Moncton, then you need to re-read the clue.
  • All teams should be at the starting line no later than 12:45

Equipment Requirements

  • All teams must have a device that can navigate to a set of GPS coordinates. A dedicated GPS unit or a smartphone with Google Maps installed are your best bets.
    • If using a smartphone, be sure you are using Google Maps and not Apple Maps. The coordinates provided can be typed into Google Maps but are not supported on Apple Maps. You can download the Google Maps app for free on your iPhone from the app store here.
    • No addresses are given on any clues so you need to know how to enter coordinates into your GPS
    • It is advisable that a team member who is not driving be designated as the “navigator” and do all of the GPS navigation for your team
  • All teams should bring chairs for each of their team members for the BBQ at the finish line
  • All teams should being a notebook to record clue information in (see below)
  • We recommend that all teams have at least one Smartphone with an application that can read QR codes
    • This is NOT required to get your clues but can be handy to make it faster
  • You  will need to record the clue information given to you at each stop in your own notebook. Each stop that does not have a  paper clue will have a laminated clue either posted onsite or shown to you by a volunteer. It is up to you to record the information on that clue yourself.
    • For those of you who have access to a smartphone, each clue will have a QR code on it that you can scan. Once scanned, the full clue information is available.
  • If you have a smartphone, you have the option to have your photos scored via Instagram. On the day of the race, inform us that you wish to use Instagram for your photos and we will assign you a unique #hashtag for your account. You can then simply upload your photos with your own Instagram account using your custom tag and we will score them accordingly.
    • **** NOTE: You MUST set your Instagram photos as “Public” in order for our scoring team to see the images. If they are not visible to the public, we cannot score them and therefore you will not receive points for those photos.
    • We encourage all teams that have access to a smartphone during the race to use this method as it will help reduce the time needed to score each team at the finish line.
    • We recommend that you set up and test your own Instagram account before coming to the starting line to verify that it is working on your mobile device.