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Previous Tasks

One of the most common questions we get about the race is about what tasks they do. I went through all of my old materials and found the task information for most of the years. Here’s a list of some of the tasks. This is not a complete list but most of the task items are shown here.

2008 (First Year)

  • Buy candy from a local candy store
  • Play arcade games at Crystal Palace
  • Find a comic book in a comic store
  • Eat sushi
  • Go to an art gallery
  • Find a CD
  • Find several physical geocaches
  • Buy a copy of the local paper and find the clue in the classified ads


  • Find a CD at a music store
  • Find several physical geocaches
  • Shoot basketballs for 5 minutes
  • Eat Indian food
  • Drive a go-kart
  • Find a clue using the internet
  • Purchase some meat at the meat market


  • Find an ad in the local paper with the clue
  • Find several physical geocaches
  • Eat a small meal at Calactus
  • Purchase some food from Dolma
  • Count the lamp-posts on Main St to solve a puzzle
  • Find a sign inside of a retail shop
  • Play games at Crystal Palace to collect as many tickets as possible
  • Drink a virgin Caesar with the alcohol replaced with a raw egg


  • Find a Martel Home Builders sign
  • Find an oversize model of the Starship Enterprise in a local theatre
  • Find a small park
  • Get information off a plaque at Jones Lake
  • Tie a specific type of knot
  • Find a clue on a pixelboard
  • Buy and eat a waffle from the Waffle Guy
  • Find a geocacher named Nemo at the Champlain Place food court
  • Locate a clue in a window
  • Search for eyeballs in a giant bucket of “goo” while blindfolded
  • Go bowling


  • Find a number of a giant tank in Riverview
  • Get a number off a train in Centennial Park
  • Count the columns in the old skating rink off Botsford st
  • Get the year the stone was laid at a local high school
  • Push a ping pong ball across the road using a banana tied to your waist
  • Drink a gross cocktail
  • Swing from the Tarzan rope at the Dieppe Aquatic Centre
  • Perform a couple of tasks from Minute To Win It
  • Eat an ice cream to get a clue
  • Shoot targets with a paintball gun


  • To be determined…