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Race For Cache 2012 – Press Release


MONCTON, NB – They may not travel the world to win a million dollars, but they certainly share the enthusiasm of those we see on television.

Five years ago, Matthew Klem started hosting Moncton’s Race For Cache: A unique racing experience that combines the hobby of geocaching with elements from a popular reality TV show. Since it’s inception, the race has grown to attract more than 150 participants from as many as six different Canadian provinces. This marks the racing event’s five year anniversary.

“It’s hard to imagine that it has grown to be such a big event. I think the biggest attraction is that anyone with a GPS can participate. We’ve had toddlers, seniors, people with physical disabilities, and everyone in between and they all enjoy the excitement of trying to win a race around the city”, Matthew said.

Like the TV show, teams are given clues which lead them to locations all around Greater Moncton. They only have a GPS and their wits to figure out where they are going and how to get there. Some clues are simple while others require the teams to perform a task in order to advance onward. Some more memorable stops have included:

  • Spotting instructions on a pixelboard
  • Finding the next clue in a copy of the local newspaper
  • Drinking an exotic beverage from a local restaurant
  • Driving a go-kart around a race track
  • Shooting baskets at a local gym

Teams eventually cross the finish line at Centennial Park where they are scored and the winners crowned. Racers get to mingle and enjoy a BBQ while prizes and trophies are given out.

For those who aren’t familiar with the hobby of geocaching, or looking for a great way to be introduced to the sport, Moncton’s Race For Cache is a great start.

Moncton’s Race For Cache 2012 will be held on August 11th in Moncton, NB.

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